Heather Moremen, ’17

A recent graduate, Heather’s senior thesis was created using beauty products … no, that’s not paint! Heather transferred from the University of Louisville once she realized she should follow her passion, and that passion was art.

Hear what Heather thinks are some of best things about KyCAD's campus.

What advice would Heather give to someone considering an art education?

Hear Heather’s take on the KyCAD community and teachers.

Heather’s take on an important subject on any campus: Parking!



Summer Derridinger, ’19

Summer had plans to study other subjects, but she realized during her senior year of high school that art was her passion… and she wanted to follow that passion. She visited art schools and universities, and concentrated her search on finding a school that incorporated the students into the school community. The school’s atmosphere meant more to her than a name. She found a home at KyCAD.

Why did Summer choose KyCAD?

What would Summer tell her 16-year-old high school self about her future?

Summer has several favorite media to work in and they're really different too.

Summer’s favorite things about KyCAD? The teachers!





Darius Henderson  ’20

Darius wasn’t sure studying art was for him, until an important person in his life stepped in with some advice.

What are Darius’ favorite parts about KyCAD?

Darius calms your fears about choosing an area of study.




Hannah DeWitt ’20

Hannah may be KyCAD’s biggest student fan. You won’t be able to miss Hannah’s car driving around Louisville. She’s got the KyCAD logo painted on the side!

Hannah knows the exact moment she made the decision to attend KyCAD.

What would Hannah tell her 16 year old self? She’d say to just hang in there.

Hannah’s favorite project at KyCAD was for her  Digital Media 1 class.





Suzy Sims ’20

Suzy’s favorite media to work in is collage, but as a freshman student, she’s just getting started at KyCAD!

What is Suzy’s favorite media to create in?