Complete the application for admission online or in person. You can apply online for free at Then, submit official transcripts from each school, college or university previously attended to the Admissions Office.

Official transcripts are those sent directly to Spalding from the issuing institution. Any transcript marked “issued to student” or any transcript that is hand-delivered by the student is not considered an official transcript.

First-year students (less than 24 hours of college coursework): Submit official high school transcript or present evidence of satisfactory scores from the test of General Education Development (GED) and ACT or SAT test score report(s). Test scores are not required of applicants who have been out of high school for five years or more. Submit official transcripts from each college and/or university previously attended (if applicable).

Transfer Students (more than 24 hours of college coursework): Submit official transcripts from each college and/or university previously attended. No test scores are required.


Submit a portfolio to be reviewed by a university representative. Carefully review the portfolio requirements and contact the Admissions Office if you have questions or issues. We are here to help.

Admission to the BFA in Studio Art engages all, while accommodating students with varying amounts of artistic experience. Automatic admission into Spalding University requires a 2.5 GPA and a 20 on the ACT, or equivalent score of 1030 on the SAT.

You will be contacted to write a one-page personal statement if you do not meet the admission requirements.

Portfolio Requirements

A portfolio review is required for admission to Spalding University’s Kentucky College of Art and Design.

The first-year portfolio required for admission to Spalding and the Kentucky College of Art + Design must contain 10 to 15 original pieces that exemplify your best and most recent work. We recommend having some pieces that are created from real-life observation rather than pieces created from imagination or copies of other pieces (like a drawing of a photograph).

Importantly, prospective students are encouraged to apply as early as possible. We understand that many high school seniors are still developing their portfolio throughout the school year. Your initial portfolio review can be scheduled even though you do not have 10-15 pieces. We encourage applicants to bring artworks in progress, as you will be given feedback from our faculty or admissions team. Contact the admissions office for more details.


Portfolio Submission

There are a variety of options to submit your portfolio once you have it assembled.

  1. Present your portfolio to an admissions counselor when they visit your high school or at a local portfolio event. You can also find the name and contact information of your admissions counselor here.
  2. Present your portfolio at one of our Open House Portfolio Review Days (see the Events calendar for more information).
  3. Contact your admissions counselor to schedule a Campus Visit and Portfolio Review.
  4. Submit your portfolio digitally. Take digital photos of your work, label it properly, and include a proof sheet briefly describing the pieces.  Contact the Admissions Office for more details.

Portfolio Review

Portfolios are reviewed on an individual basis. Once we receive your portfolio, your images are shared for review by the faculty and counselors. Portfolios are scored using the following scale, and the medium used is noted: exceptional, above average, average, below average. While a demonstrable financial need is the main criterion for endowment scholarship consideration, portfolio evaluations may also be used.



Financial Aid and Scholarships

Everyone deserves access to art. We open the door.

KyCAD is committed to educating and fostering creative people and providing a quality education. Our process and criteria are accessible and inclusive.

In 2017, over $100,000 in scholarships was awarded to incoming and returning KyCAD students. 

Over 90% of Spalding students receive scholarship funds

Spalding’s Endowed Scholarship Program (ESP) offers institutional scholarship opportunities for currently enrolled and officially accepted applicants on an annual basis. Spalding also offers a variety of merit awards to defray the cost of tuition.


Scholarships and Merit Awards

Spalding University also offers many private scholarship funds based on financial need and/or portfolio review.

All students should file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This report helps us determine your financial aid, and completion of the FAFSA is required to be eligible for scholarships. FAFSA is open for students to apply for financial aid at FAFSA should be completed on October 1st or soon after for the 18-19 academic year.

For more details, contact the Admissions Office (502) 873-4374 or the Financial Aid Office (502) 588-7185.