Our Values

We place original expression at the center.

All disciplines and studies branch out from this core. Empowered with space, guidance, and materials, you will pursue individualized development in art and design. With nationally recognized faculty and artists committed to an intimate form of study and practice, we offer you the means to not only create a significant body of work but to explore new ways of thinking about the world around you. We believe in your creative spirit.

Social and Environmental Stewardship

As creators, makers, and citizens, we take our role seriously. KyCAD is an incubator for this kind of change – both external and internal. Awake, aware, and involved – our students contribute to our city. We instill the conviction that art can make real change.

Urban Development

Drawing in creatives with an eye toward growth, art schools prepare cities for demonstrable cultural change. Galleries, public art installations, specialty programs – all these developments and more enrich a city’s landscape. A thriving artistic culture energizes and intrigues people. That results in a thriving economy and an engaged populace.


We educate artists and designers locally, growing the city’s existing assets.


As part of Spalding University, KyCAD is contributing to a period of dynamic physical growth and change in SoBro, Louisville’s “South of Broadway” district. Expanding green space, galleries and studios are but a few of the current initiatives in progress.

Our Faculty

Joshua Azzarella
Assistant Professor

Digital Media

MFA: Mason Gross School of Arts, Rutgers/ BFA: Myers School of Art, University of Akron

Andrew Cozzens
Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Sculpture

MFA: Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Art, Washington University / BFA: Murray State University

Churchill Davenport
Chancellor / Assistant Professor

Senior Thesis I and II

MFA: Yale School of Art / BA: Rhodes College

Laurie Fader
Associate Professor

Painting, Drawing, Color and Design

MFA: Yale School of Art / BS: New York University

Ezra Kellerman
Assistant Professor

Interdisciplinary Sculpture

MFA: Louisiana State University / BFA: University of Kentucky

Gwendolyn Kerber
Assistant Professor

Painting and Drawing

MFA: Yale University/ BFA: Cleveland Institute of Art

Annie Langan
Assistant Professor

Darkroom and Digital Photography, Video, Professional Seminar

MFA: Rhode Island School of Design / BFA: Atlanta College of Art

Lori Larusso
Assistant Professor


MFA: Maryland Institute College of Art / BFA: University of Cincinnati, DAAP

Aaron Lubrick
Assistant Professor

Painting, Drawing

MFA: Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts / BFA: Columbus College of Art & Design

Ron Schildknecht
Assistant Professor

Digital Media, Video, Animation

MFA: Spalding University / BA: Western Kentucky University

Sarah Sik
Associate Professor

Art History

PhD + MA + BA: University of Minnesota

Skylar Smith
Assistant Professor

Art History, Color & Design, Drawing, Painting

MFA: School of the Art Institute of Chicago / BFA: Maryland Institute College of Art

Matthew Walsh
Assistant Professor

Graphic Design

MFA: Cranbrook Academy of Art